Dear Colleagues,

National Vaccine Symposium was held in 2005 for the first time and has become a tradition since then. 5th Symposium will be held in Sheraton Hotel, Ankara between 25 and 29 September 2013.
Health care professionals have achieved great successes in field of vaccination and raised our country to the level of developed countries with support of Republic of Turkey Ministery of Health. Our symposium gathers these health care professionals together as well as different scientific disciplines.

Many national and international scientists will discuss the developments and latest innovations on vaccination during the symposium. Also Ministery of Health will present current vaccination applications and introduce future plans for vaccination.

We strongly believe that the symposium will be one of the most interactive meetings and the biggest part of the support and contribution will be made by the participants like in previous 4 examples.
As a difference this year, participants will also have the chance to share their researches and experiences on vaccination and vaccine preventable diseases as oral and poster presentations. You could take part in the symposium with your clinical, microbiological, prophylactic, public health studies, case presentations or surveillance researches on infectious diseases.

The studies will also be rewarded in our traditional contests. Detailed information about presentations and rewards are available on symposium website.

We cordially believe that with your precious participation, 5th National Vaccination Symposium will have important contributions to national and international developments and It will be a great pleasure for us to see our Symposium

DoƧ. Dr. Turan BUZGAN
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health
President, Turkey Public Health Institution
Prof. Dr. Mehmet CEYHAN
President, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society